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The beta version of Early Modern Songscapes is a digital exploration of Henry Lawes’s 1653 songbook Ayres and Dialogues. Songs are indexed and identified by first line and also (when applicable) by their titles in the 1653 Ayres and Dialogues. The Search button in the site's main menu (to the left of this text) allows for both a simple search, and more advanced search targeted at a specific database field. For an explanation of the metadata principles used in indexing the site, see our Project Description. To browse the collection, see the browseable options found under "Songs from Ayres and Dialogues" above.

Try searching by song title, first line, or poet. A blank search (simply hit search without filling the search box with text) will bring up all items in the repository. This can be a quick means of bringing up all of the facets (to the right of the search results) that can be useful in navigating the site in a more targeted manner.